Monday, November 30, 2009

7 months old!!

Today mommy and daddy will be celebrating Sweet Annabel's 7 month birthday. We sang her happy birthday this morning while she smiled and swayed her sweet little head back and forth and stared back at me with her precious green eyes.

Unfortunately, the early part of her birthday was spent getting 2 more flu shots :( I know she hates them, but we have to keep her healthy!

Mom and I will post pictures later today of her birthday celebration and some from Thanksgiving.

Hope everyone had an excellent holiday weekend. We did and we are getting geared up for Annabel's first Christmas :)



  1. Happy 7 Months Annabel! How truly amazing that you have blessed this world for so long ;-)

  2. HAPPY 7 MONTHS! Go go go Annabel!

  3. Happy 7 months sweet girl....millions of hugs and kisses

  4. Look at that beautiful smiling face! Happy 7 month birthday, Annabel!

  5. Her smile is melting my heart. Happy birthday, Annabel

  6. Happy 7 Months old sweet girl! You are the cutest thing! Happy Holidays to you and your family.
    Love from California,

  7. Happy birthday baby girl! I know I'm late but I promise I didn't forget! I thought about you on your first Thanksgiving and knew exactly what your mommy and daddy gave thanks for that day. You are a precious miracle with a beautiful smile to match your beautiful eyes! I'm so happy you are feeling better...keep smiling!