Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy 10 Months, Annabel Leigh!

We celebrated ten months yesterday with another Villadiego Family Party. We ate lasagna and salad and then we had yummy brownies and turtle cookie treats for dessert. The family brought us tons of diapers and wipes, yay! We had a super time and Stinker enjoyed the party, too.
In fact, it was one of her 'wildest' parties yet: Stinker was having so much fun squirming around and her g-button popped open and she leaked some formula all over Grandma Mami! But hey, it's not really a party until the star has at least one wardrobe change, right? :) So we went to the bedroom and cleaned up, but before we could get a new party dress on...Stinker decided to pee all over Mom and Dad's bed. And she was smiling the whole time, of course. A wild party, indeed! We love you, Little Stinker!


  1. Happy 10 month birthday Annabel! What a wild party you had baby.You know what? You can do anything you want to and we are just fine with it because you are one special baby girl. We love you and love your new pics.Hope to see you and your Mommy next weekend.
    Love,Meemaw and Pawpaw

  2. Happy 10 month birthday sweet girl! Love LOVE those pics of you! You are such a happy girl! Can't believe you are 10 months! :) God Bless you sweet baby! xoxo-Rose :)

  3. Oh, goodness! You are the life of the party, aren't you? Your little outfit is adorable and it looks like you are dancing in your pictures. Happy birthday, Annabel!

  4. Yeah, Annabel! Happy 10 months!
    Jill and Lily

  5. Happy 10month bday baby annabel!!!!!!!! we love u sooooo much!!!! ur gettin more nd more beautiful evry time! God bless u forever!!

  6. Happy 10 months Annabel!!! I can't believe how time flies, you continue to be an amazing little girl... cute and fashionable like always too. God Bless You!!!

    Lyla's mom

  7. Yeah! Happy 10 months Annabel! Sounds like you went wild! Glad to hear you had a fun party! We hope to see you soon! Love to you and your mommy and daddy

  8. It's your party and you can pee if you want to! Happy 10 months beautiful baby girl! Hugs to the whole family.