Friday, February 25, 2011

Stinky's New Shades

Annabel is very sensitive to sunlight. We finally ordered some special sunglasses for her and they are just her size! Now we can't wait to go outside and play!


  1. Oh my goodness!!Stinky you are just adorable in your new little glasses. Who would have thought they had those in your signature color of pink?
    You are just so pretty!!Knock 'em out girl!!
    Love,Meemaw and Pawpaw

  2. She is just the cutest thing! Thank you for posting the pictures. Oh, and I love the pigtails!

  3. I love her pigtails and those glasses. Did you get from an eye dr. and if so, do you know the brand? Your sweet Annabel has come so far and looks so good.

  4. Lilly wants to know where you got those sunglasses, Annabel! She just got some and I'm having to try and make them fit.