Friday, April 22, 2011

G Button Replaced!

We just got home from the hospital and Stinky's new G Button looks great! Wow, we were there almost three hours but the actual procedure only took five minutes to complete. The surgeon simply pulled the old broken one out and popped a new one back in!

Stinky cried a little when the surgeon took the button out, but she soon calmed down after we held her for a while. She reacted the same way she acts when she gets her shots.

The first pic shows Stinky in her hospital t shirt waiting for the doctor. Then a picture of the new button..and then Stinky already rolling around on her tummy now that we are home!


  1. Well she certainly looks like she survived that ordeal! Knowing that she cried makes me cry!In the 3rd pic she looks happy.We can't wait to see you Annabel!!Looking forward to your party!!
    Love,Meemaw and Pawpaw

  2. Yay, Stinky!! I can't wait to see you and Ava next weekend!! :)