Thursday, October 20, 2011

11 More Days til Halloween!

Little Miss Stinky Spider!
Miss Stinky Spider and Little Sister!
Not sure on this one.  Ava pretending to be a spider?  This was her pose when I said, "Smile, Happy Halloween!"


  1. Hey little punkins!! You both are so cute!! Looks like Ava's karate classes are paying off. See you goblins this weekend.Love you both bunches!!
    Love,Meemaw and Pawpaw

  2. Too sweet they have the same little chubby cheeks!! The Twilight theame is killing me, its perfect!!

  3. Maybe Ava just wanted to be a ninja like her Uncle Nick. I love the way Annabel is looking at her like ... uhh ... that is not how we do things around here. Please just smile. Ahhh ... sisterly love! :)