Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Little BIG girl!

Annabel holds on to her binky like a big girl now! Sometimes she pushes it out on accident...but sometimes she manages to put it back in, too!

We have some exciting events coming up: tomorrow we see the pediatrician and on Sunday we celebrate Annabel's four month birthday! We will update the blog after the appointment tomorrow, so check back in tomorrow afternoon to find out how much the little stinker weighs now!


  1. What cute pics. All I have to say is...gully,gully,gully. Go Annabel. We love you baby!!!

  2. Praying for good news from the pedi and Happy 4th months lil one.

  3. shes too cute! we luv her soo much!! i cant wait to kno wut her dr says, i kno it will be a good visit =) we luv u baby annabel!! oh u should kno wen moraiya plays w/ her baby dolls she pretends one of them is her baby cousin, baby Annabel...its too cute!