Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Stinky Goes to School!

Since Annabel has turned 3, she will no longer receive her therapies from Early Childhood Intervention (ECI).  She is now eligible for the Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities (PPCD). 

PPCD:  This program includes physical, occupational and speech therapy.  This program also includes normal preschool activity such as outside play, music time, circle time, story time, etc.  Can you believe it?  Stinky is going to school!  Stinky has a full-time aide that is always with her, she even rides the bus with Stinky to and from school.

Stinky rides the bus, too?  Yes, she does!  So far, so good:  Stinky seems to enjoy her school so far.  The teachers and her aide have commented on how happy Annabel is and that she is a hard worker, too.  So far, Annabel is ready for a nap as soon as she gets home, so she IS a hard worker!

Momma cried on the first day and cried on the second day, too.  But the second day was also the 'first' day for Stinky to ride the bus.  We are very excited, just nervous, too!  School will be great for her but also hoping she doesn't start getting sick all the time.

The photos below:   Stinky waving with her face behind a blanket.  She is still very sensitive to sunlight, so we cover her up.  But we wanted her face showing for one photo, so that's why she is turned to the side in the other photo!  She's not scared of the bus, she's mad at the sun! 


  1. OMG!!! Meemaw is crying too!! How sweet is that. She is really a big girl now.She is going to be fine!So hard to believe she has come so far.God has His hand of protection on little Annabel. We love you Stinky!!
    Love, Meemaw and Pawpaw

  2. awwww annabel!!!!! this just melted my heart into a biig mush!!!! shes come a long way. i had faith in the beginning that she will defeat the odds, and my faith in her will always be there and grow with her! she will do great! God continue to bless you always baby!!! i love you forever!!!!
    love your big cousin,

  3. I just love these pictures. I also recognize that shirt Carrie!