Wednesday, August 1, 2012

June, July..where did you go?

It is hard to believe, but the long, hot Stinky summer is almost over!  Annabel's summer school session ended last week.  Sadly, she had to miss her last week (just three days, though!) due to a summer cold that caused some nasty snots and congestion.  We did a lot of pat the back, suction the nose and breathing treatments and she is doing much better now.

She had such a great time in her summer school classes.  Now she is on holiday until the fall semester begins...on August 27th!  Take a look at some pics that her teacher sent me:

Music Time!  Teacher said that Stinky loved her piano!

Physical Therapy Time!  Stinky loves getting on the ball!

In other not-so-good news:  Stinky is still vomiting...every other day and most of the time, every day. We tried increasing the erythromycin but so far it hasn't helped much.  We have an appointment in a couple of weeks to get an EGD (scope) done.  This will allow her GI doc to take a look at her esophagus and stomach so we can figure out what's going on.  We know already that she has problems with motility and most likely reflux..again, due to her low muscle tone and the other usual T18 factors.  But we hope the scope will provide some answers!  We will keep you all posted on those details as they come.  Until then, please enjoy another pic of Stinky when she was waiting on the summer school bus!  Happily waiting!

Hey!  Do you like my new bangs?  :)

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