Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Stinky's Scope..Successful!

We are so happy to report that Stinky's Scope day was a success.  The GI Dr. took some biopsies during the scope and we should get results in a week or two.  He also dilated Stinky's pyloric muscle, this should help alleviate the vomiting..we hope!

Thank you all for the many kind words and prayers today:  Stinky came out of anesthesia just fine!  She did have some issues staying awake and as expected, her oxygen levels were a bit low.  They monitored her very carefully and kept us at the hospital until 2:45!  Now we are monitoring her closely at home and if she needs oxygen, we will certainly make sure she gets it.  Everything else seems good, so far.

The two pics below are before her scope and after, when she finally woke up!


  1. So happy all went welll sweet Annabel! Hope the information that the doctor's learned will help you lots!