Thursday, May 28, 2009

4 weeks old

Today is Annabel's 4 week birthday and she got to meet her 4th doctor, a geneticist in Ft. Worth. Her name is Dr. Kukolich and she's been a doctor for 33 years. We liked her quite a bit and was one of the first doctors to treat Annabel as an individual instead of lumping her in a generic category of Trisomy 18 babies.

The importance of seeing the geneticist is that she's ultimately laying the groundwork for the course of treatment we're going to pursue for Annabel. Basically, she's letting the cardiologist know that indeed Annabel is tracking better than many other babies with T18 and that although surgical intervention would not be recommended now, it may be the right thing to do down the road and that definitely medications should be given if breathing problems pop up. Dr. K said that outwardly, Annabel appears very healthy and that as parents, we're doing a great job of caring for her.

Carrie and I are very realistic about what to expect, but the fact remains that Annabel is still here with us and she deserves the best course of treatment so long as it improves HER level of comfort. As parents, we are still committed to putting her first, and us second.

Tonight we're going to enjoy homemade sno cones in celebration of Annabel's 4 week birthday. We love you, baby.

Mom and Dad


  1. Happy 4 week birthday to beautiful Annabel!

  2. you guys ARE doin great! reality is, like the doctor sed, she looks healthy shes doin great! shes gonna defy all odds and come on top, i know it..i can feel it! i have soo much faith.

    we love u soo much baby girl..keep up the great work, were so proud of you!!

  3. Happy 4 week Birthday sweet baby girl Annabel. You are adorable!

    Mother of Brianna Botts, Full Trisomy 18 and 25 months old.

  4. Happy 4 week Birthday Annabel!! My little girl also has full T18 and we're anxiously awaiting her arrival, scheduled to be induced Tuesday if she doesn't arrive before then! Thanks for sharing your inspiring story :)


  5. Happy 4 weeks, Annabel! you and your wife are doing a great job. I am so happy that your dr. can see her for who and how she is! That is rare. Will be following your journey with sweet Annabel.