Sunday, October 11, 2009

Busy week ahead

Mommy, Daddy and Annabel had a busy, but fun weekend. We attended my sister's wedding and got to see friends and family, which is always nice. Annabel had a good time but she has a hectic week ahead of her.

On Monday, we are checking into Cooks Children's Hospital in Ft. Worth for her gastrostomy. We check in at noon tomorrow for an upper GI and then the surgery takes place at 7am on Tuesday. If all goes well and she tolerates her feedings we should be home by Wednesday. We are obviously nervous about this procedure, but we have confidence in the doctor and faith in God that she'll recover just fine from the anesthesia. The best news is that Annabel gets to say good riddance to the ng tube!!!

Also, next week is when Carrie has to return to work :( She'll ease in on a part time basis, but then in 4 weeks she'll resume full time duty. I know that Annabel will miss her mommy and vice versa, but we have found a very reliable sitter for our baby and feel good that all will work out.

Say a prayer for Annabel, please, and I'll post updates later this week to let everyone know how things are going.



  1. Our prayers are with you, little Annabel.
    Jill and Lily

  2. We will be right there along side you in prayer. Please keep us posted as much as possible.I am so glad she iwll be rid of her ng tube and be sporting a feeding button.

  3. I'm praying for you Sweet Annabel!
    We love you here in California,


  4. We got lots of prayers coming your way Sweet Annabel! How great it will be to get rid of that ng tube! HOO-RAY! :) God Bless you all! xoxox-- Rose

  5. Praying for a speedy recovery for Annabel....and strength for Carrie when she returns to work.
    Happy belated birthday Annabel!

  6. I hope everything runs smoothly for you today, Annabel!! I love you!! It was so good to see you this weekend! :)