Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Six Months and Happy Halloween, my sweet baby!

This weekend has been all about Annabel. Yesterday was her 6 month birthday and tonight she's celebrating Halloween by getting dressed up as the sweetest jack-o-lantern. Oh, we didn't want her to feel left out, so we dressed up, too.


  1. HAPPY 1ST HALLOWEEN SWEET ANNABEL! You look soo cute in your Pumpkin Costume! hehehe Love the movie themes your parents and family have dressed up in......Silence of the Lambs... "Hello Clarice" Pirates of the Carribbean, and Sweeny Todd! Love it! And your Grandpa and Meemaw got in on the action too! hahaha How fun for the whole fam to dress up! Happy 6 month birthday too! May you continue to have many more! Always praying for you sweet girl! xoxo :)

  2. HAPPY 6 MONTH BDAY BABY!!!!! We knew u could do it! we calld u on friday but u were gettin ur beauty sleep (even tho u dont need it bcuz u are alredy sooo beautiful ;-) ) I hope u had a great bday nd a happy halloween too. We luv u sooo much baby. Try to call me today ok bday girl. Have fun today at ur party. God bless u forever!!
    xoxoxoxoxo + infinity
    <3 ur family from FL

  3. Happy 6 months Miss Annabel, you are the cutest Jack O Lantern I have ever seen...

  4. How Sweet! You are the most adorable Jack-O-Lantern Annabel!!! And you have the cutest family!

    Love from California,