Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Little stinker gets her regular feeding again at 9 tonight. If all goes well, little one and daddy get to come home late tonight. Just thought I would share some pics that I took before the surgery and after in the hospital room during our stay. Thank you so much for the prayers and keep sending them up, please! I will be so happy to see daddy and stinker tonight, no matter how late it is!

This weekend before the surgery: Jack, Lucia and Annabel

Look, Mom! No tube and no tape!

Annabel's NEW favorite binky...vanilla flavored, yum!


  1. Good pics. It will be so nice to see Annabel without the tube.She loves her binky anyway but vailla flavor must be super nice.We love you little stinker!!!
    Love,Meemaw and Pawpaw

  2. A strong little stinker she is! Godbless you sweet Annabel and your family! What ADORABLE pictures. She just melts my heart.

    Prayers from California

  3. I bet if feels good to have that tube out, Miss Annabel! I am glad everything went well. You are such a strong little beauty! Lots and lots of love from the midwest! We miss you guys!

  4. I'm glad things went so well for her and hope you all made it home safe and sound. Thoughts and prayers for you all

  5. Back when I was a kid, we only had regular flavored binkies, and I had to walk uphill in the snow to get to it.