Sunday, January 15, 2012

Long Time--No Post!

Greetings from Stinkerville!  Long time--no post, indeed!  It is getting harder and harder to keep up with the blog, but I'm trying!  Annabel is hard work.  Annabel plus Ava (walking and now eating regular food) is even more hard work.  We are busy, busy girls.  So busy that blogging is only possible when that rare event occurs:  Annabel and Ava both napping at the same time.  So now is my chance, and we have several updates for all to read.

First, we had a very Merry Christmas:  in Orlando, Florida!  We did what I thought was nearly impossible, we drove there and can read all about that below.  But while there, we had such a lovely time.  Annabel got sick just one time while we were there, she did great!  Both girls had tons of fun, and we were so happy to be part of Ita's 80th birthday party celebration.  Thank you to the entire Burbano and extended Families that we shared time with...too many members to name, but we love you all!  Great company, great music, great food!  Sadly, we were all too busy enjoying such quality family time that we have just have one photo to share from our Florida trip:

Group Photo at Ita's Big 80th Birthday Bash!

Second, the drive to Florida and back:  crazy stressful!  It took us two full days to get to Florida and two full days to get back.  Jorge did all of the driving with me in the backseat with the girls.  So not only was Annabel getting sick during the drive there, but so was Ava.  Turns out she gets carsick after two hours or so.   And then we also had to make frequent stops for diaper changes, cleanup and feedings, etc.  We are so thankful for Rocio and Glen, who followed us all the way there and back and helped us out each time we had to stop.  We made that long drive each time by driving all day the first day, stopping in Louisiana to stay overnight, then getting up early and driving all day again.  Finally, we made it home safe with one tiny crack in our windshield and after dealing with a blown tire at 9PM on a busy two lane highway.  Did I mention the drive was crazy stressful?  Did I mention how thankful we are that we had family following us? :)  Now, with that being said, we were oh so happy once we got back to Texas!  Nothing against Florida, it is a lovely state....but home sweet home, right?  So naturally, the girls celebrated their sweet Texas Homecoming in their brand new outfits they got for Christmas.  Thank you, Uncle Brian:

Stinky says, 'Hello Texas!"

Ava says, "Howdy, Texas!"

Next, Annabel's EEG appointment.  Remember, we had the appointment scheduled shortly before Christmas?  The test itself was quick and easy and Annabel did great.  They wanted her to fall asleep for the test and she did just that...but not after tossing and turning and rolling around a bit, of course.  They had to wrap her head up because the electrodes kept coming off her head:

Well, the results came back with 'abnormal' brain activity.  Of course we expected that with the Trisomy 18.  The EEG did not show evidence of any seizure activity, but the doctors still want Annabel to see a neurologist.  So we have an appointment at the end of this month.  Not sure what will happen then but we will keep you all posted.  

Lastly, we hope our readers enjoyed their Christmas and New Year, because we sure did.  This was the best Christmas ever!  The best ever because we are so blessed.  Stinky is still with us!  And can you believe that she will be turning 3 in April?  Truly Amazing:

Mommy with Annabel
Daddy with Ava