Thursday, June 11, 2009

6 weeks old...

Today Annabel is six weeks old! She had another appointment this morning with a speech/feeding therapist at Our Children's House in Grapevine. They are a great bunch of women who have a very cozy environment for children. We learned that Annabel has great coordination and muscle strength which is why her bottle feedings have been more and more successful. She is up to about 20 cc's per feeding by bottle until she gets pooped so hopefully with therapy she'll be able to handle her entire feeding. We will have 1 appointment per week from now on.

Yesterday was kind of a scary day here in Grapevine, TX. We actually had a tornado touch down a few miles from our house so the sirens were sounding. Carrie, Annabel, Ricky, Sadie and I all took cover in an interior room of the house and waited out the storm. Thankfully, there was no damage to our house other than some debris in the yard. So that means that Annabel, in her 6 weeks, has lived through an earthquake and a tornado. Hopefully no other natural disasters are headed our way :)

Well, that's all the updates I have for now.

Good night,


  1. Thank you Jorge for the update.Yes that little Annabel has just been through it all in her 6 weeks of being here.She is such an inspiration to everyone.You go baby girl!

  2. sounds like a great report! i'm glad she's doing so well with the feedings. happy six week birthday baby girl!

  3. Great update!!!! so crazy in my 34 yrs I haven't experienced what Annabel has in 6 you babygirl

  4. happy 6 wks. sweet Annabel Leigh! Sorry for the bad weather up that way. so happy that she is eating her bottle. Thank you for the update.

  5. YAYY!!!!! GO BABY GO BABY GO GO!!!! Im not at all surprised tht baby Annabel is doin soooo good!! Im soo proud of u sweetie!! Keep up the great work! Ur tha best!! I love u nd happy 6week bday!!! **muahhh**
    <3 ur cousin

  6. HOO RAY!!!!! She's back to her birth weight! That is fantastic! :) So happy to hear she is making fantastic progress! :) I was worried about y'all in that storm and wondering if you still had power. Glad to hear y'all survived! We had a tornado last night down here in Austin which was about a mile or so away from us! I'd rather be in an earthquake than a tornado! Keep up the great work Annabel and Happy 6 week birthday to you! :) Still sending lots of prayers daily to you! xoxox

  7. Hi, I have been following your blog for a few weeks now.. Again I will say, your daughter is beautiful and a blessing!!

    My son goes to Baylor OCH as well, he goes Tue/ Thur. The therapists are all wonderful and have been a blessing to our family!

  8. Way to go Annabel!!! You are such a strong young lady!! Keep up the great work! You have been through a lot in only 6 weeks, but that just shows how strong you really are! Keep up the good, strong eating! Don't worry - eating tires me out, too, sometimes! :)

    Happy 6 week birthday!!

    Jorge and Carrie - keep up the great work! You two are wonderful, loving parents. Annabel is so lucky to have two of the best parents ever!

  9. Jorge & Carrie- you guys are proven to be great parents. She is such a fiesty little girl and I love the shock photo it is the cutest thing and the photo of you and her jorge is priceless. Keep up the great work you guys