Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Yesterday I started playing around with the gadgets on and found one that tracks visitors on a map...sounded fun, so I tried it out.

We were amazed to see how far-reaching Annabel's story has become. All over the U.S, Canada, and even Europe and Asia, people are reading about our baby!

It is hard to describe how moved Carrie and I are that Annabel, despite being so small and fragile, has had an affect on so many people. We are equally moved that those followers continue to show their compassion in prayer and thoughts.


By the way, at 2am today, Annabel again removed her feeding tube! Take a look at the new profile picture. Carrie captured the look she gets on her face when she commits a mischievous act :)


  1. i love it!!! Like i said, so tiny yet inspiring soo many! She IS an inspiration to many families out there. But how i feel abt this is tht everyone following her journey nd prayin for her and supportin her, she can feel it nd because of tht shes gettin stronger. So i want to thank every1 out there for supportin my cousins nd helpin them thru this i really appreciate it! They mean alot to me.
    We love u sooo much baby girl, im soo proud of u, keep up the great work! i really like tht picture of u, so mischevious i love it...ur cousins give me the same look wen theyre up to no good =)
    i love u baby May God continue to bless u always

  2. What is it about these April 30th babies and their feeding tubes? Do you think they're trying to tell us something?! Lily has pulled hers out three times in the past week. It's a good thing her daddy has become a pro at putting it back in. Annabel is just too cute and definitely looking up to mischief in her picture. I can't say I blame her for pulling her tube out.

  3. that is a mischievous look! yeah, Vera used to have that after pulling out the tube. what an achievement for a little girl!

  4. hahaha! She is going to give y'all a run for your money! I LOVE IT a month old and she's got a great personality already! She's trying to say, "Mom, Dad....I want to suck on a bottle" hehehe I'm praying soon she will reach that milestone! Give her lots of kisses and hugs from us! Her cheeks are getting more filled out! YAY for Annabel! Keep gaining that weight baby girl! :) God Bless you all! xoxox --Rose :)

  5. I'm not surprised at all how many people are following your story. Annabel and her parents are an inspiration to all of us. She has definitely made a difference in my life and they way I look at the future. She's a beautiful little miracle and she's blessed to have such wonderful, loving parents. Just keep on loving her like you guys are doing awesome!!!! Hugs to sweet Annabel Leigh!