Monday, June 15, 2009

Another birthday.....this time it's Dad's.

Our friends Chris and Brian took Carrie and me to a Texas Rangers game for my 30th birthday. Chris also brought along with him his nephew Darion who got to experience his very first big league ball game. Rangers lost 6-3, but they're still in first place :)

Chris and Darion holding baby Annabel.

A view from our seats. (We missed Annabel the whole time we were here).

I took this picture of her little footsies today and thought I'd share. They are so cute I just want to eat them.

Today I called home when I was driving from work and I heard Annabel's cry in the background. Even though it was a cry, her sound filled me with joy. Soon I will record some audio of her and post it so you can hear her, too.

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  1. I have to agree...she does have the cutest feet ever! It really makes my heart smile to hear a daddy talk about his daughter the way you do. I bet this was your best birthday ever, wasn't it? :) Hugs to you and your girls.