Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I miss my wife and daughter

This is my 3rd week back at work and it hasn't gotten any easier being away from Annabel and my wife.  I miss them terribly while I'm gone.  I am kind of a control freak by nature, so not being there knowing what is going on is a nightmare for me and I am positive I get on my wife's nerves by calling so much throughout the day :)
Annabel has been doing so good and her 2am fussy spells are tailing off a bit and they've turned into 6am fussy spells.  We're hoping this will allow for better sleep at night. 
As for her overall health, the only additional thing we've noticed is what sounds like nasal congestion.  It happens at night and into the early morning and we're keeping a close eye on it.  We will be asking the pediatrician on Thursday if it's any cause for concern. 
Oh, and a wonderful mom of a T18 baby in New York sent us dozens of enternal feeding tubes that are ideal for pediatric patients.  The ones we have on hand are too long and get caught up in her clothes, arms and even her feet!  We're excited to switch it out tomorrow when nurse Kerri comes back to visit Annabel.  Then on June 11, we have our first appointment with the feeding therapist to work on building up Annabel's stamina for bottle feeding. 
I'll be updating the blog tonight with some pictures from over the weekend and some of the photos taken by Tess Teeter, the volunteer Hospice photographer.


  1. Oh Jorge! I'm sure this has to be just crazy difficult. Any chance of a internet video link that you could use to see Annabel on your work breaks? Or having your wife send you cell phone pictures? I'm sure the end of each work day just can't come quick enough :>)

    I am glad that Annabel is doing so well!

  2. Jorge ... I can tell you one thing that I am certain of ... they miss you as much as you miss them! It is hard to split up, but you are a great dad and a wonderful husband. Keep up the good work! Rebecca's idea of iChat or Skype is wonderful! You can talk to your girls a couple times during your day and it should hold you over until you get home.

  3. Great suggestions, Rebecca and Melissa! I do get cell phone pictures on a regular basis, but WEBCAM - that's the solution right there!!

  4. hey jorgie

    it will get easier trust me..and especially if u use the webcam, ull feel like u nvr left =)
    im soo happy to hear tht baby annabel is doing better...She probably just has a lil allergy or sumthin as regards to the nasal congestion..Just keep suckin out her lil "mocos" nd if she can take tylenol tht would help too or baby vicks...My lil one has a cold too nd tht usually seems to help her

    Let us kno how everything goes......we love u baby annabel!!

  5. My heart breaks for you because I know how hard it must be to be away from your girls. I think the webcam would be great! Hang in there....you guys are doing a wonderful job!