Monday, February 1, 2010

Annabel's Birthday Party Pics!

Annabel's nine month birthday party was a huge success. Grandma Mami made lunch for Annabel's thirteen party guests and it was delish! After lunch we all sang happy birthday, ate homemade cupcakes and opened gifts. Our Little Stinker had so much fun and felt so much love that she just couldn't take it she fell fast asleep while her party was still going on!


Annabel loved her special '9' month birthday card.

Look, even Sadie popped in (from the backyard) to wish Annabel a Happy Birthday!

Fast asleep with her Wubbanub..


  1. What a little doll she is. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful celebration.


  2. I found your blog a while back and enjoy seeing and "hearing" about your sweet daughter. She is beautiful and so very loved.

  3. What a little sweetie! We missed you guys this weekend but, in retrospect, I'm glad you didn't come. We found out today that Dylan has RSV. I would hate to think what might have happened

  4. now i've missed her birthday 2 times in a row! what a jerk friend :( glad you guys have such a supporting cast!

    happy 9 months little lady! we love you!

    jake, melissa & noa

  5. What an absolutely gorgeous 9 month birthday pic. I just look at her smiles and feel over the moon! Beautiful Annabel - what a blessing you are. Happy Birthday baby girl!

  6. Love the pics! Especially the one with her 9 month b-day card...what a smile! How beautiful it is to see you guys celebrating her milestones :-)

    xoxo Anna - Lyla's mom

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  8. Great group picture. Great milestone for Annabel. All I can say about the last picture is...gully,gully,gully. We love you sweet Annabel Leigh!!
    Love,Meemaw and Pawpaw